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What to Expect

The first session involves an assessment which is essentially getting a feel for what life is like for you, including the challenges that you face. Most people feel a little nervous before their first session, but often it is much easier than they had imagined. We progress at your own pace.  

Following the assessment, we will look at setting meaningful goals, and forming a flexible plan around the best treatment and time frame for therapy. Activities outside of the session are common but these are optional.  



Be reassured that all enquiries and sessions are confidential, and appointments are available face-to-face, via Zoom or other internet platform, or telephone.  

Sessions are 60 minutes, unless otherwise arranged and support people are more than welcome to come along.

I’m happy to answer any queries you may have prior to meeting, and there is no obligation to continue if you change your mind at any stage.  


Individual $120 per session

Couples $140 per session

NZTA Section 65 Assessments (assessment of fitness to drive for people sentenced under the land transport act) are covered by NZTA 

Subsidies may be available via the Wanaka Community Support Fund, WINZ, EAP, victim support, health insurance or the Family Court.